2.4.3 Bug fixed.

2.4.2 Some design modifications on plugin settings sections.

2.4.1 Plugin code structure updated. Now the plugin will work much faster.

2.4.0 Email templates are updated.

2.3.9 Plugin code updated. jQuery validator added. Notification message display updated.

2.3.8 Sort by last post date. This will work after a new reply is added on the old tickets. New tickets will not have any issues.

2.3.7 Bug fixed.

2.3.6 APIs endpoint changed.

2.3.5 Custom field class updated.

2.3.4 loopback issue fixed.

2.3.3 Message display updated.

2.3.2 In this update Notification messages will be displayed after login in admin panel as well as in the front-end. Notification messages will be displayed when new ticket is created or new reply is posted.

2.3.1 Bug fixed.

2.3.0 Plugin code updated.

2.2.8 Plugin admin panel dashboard design updated. Plugin code updated.

2.2.7 Bug Fixed.

2.2.6 Plugin validation and improvements in news widget.

2.2.5 Support email formats are updated.

2.2.4 Plugin version controll added.

2.2.3 Some bug fixed.

2.2.2 The plugin is now multilingual.

2.2.1 Option to list tickets for visitors of the site. So that visitors of the site can view the tickets and replies. Shortcode [ticket_list_all]

2.2.0 Support ticket nested pages permalink bug fixed.

2.1.0 Plugin License and Agreement added.

2.0.0 Additional plugin settings added.

1.1.2 "Agent" user role added.

1.1.1 Support ticket widget added.

1.0.1 This is the first release.

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