Note: To download older versions just append the version number with the download URL.

5.4.1 User custom profile fields bug fixed for admin panel and other bug fixes.

5.4.0 WP User Subscription plugin is now provided as a FREE addon. This version is avalilable to download

5.3.5 Bug fixed. This version is avalilable to download

5.3.4 Option to update error messages. This version is avalilable to download

5.3.3 Plugin license updated. This version is avalilable to download

5.3.2 Bug fixed. This version is avalilable to download

5.3.1 Bug fixed.

5.3.0 Option to create multiple Registration / Profile forms. Forms can be mapped to User Roles. This version is avalilable to download

5.2.5 Bug fixed. This version is avalilable to download

5.2.4 Bug fixed.

5.2.3 Plugin code structure updated. This will make the plugin faster.

5.2.2 Bug fixed.

5.2.1 Plugin code updated.

5.2.0 Field description position added in custom field creator.

5.1.6 Bug fixed.

5.1.5 APIs endpoint changed.

5.1.4 More action and hooks are added for easy customization.

5.1.3 Bug fixed.

5.1.2 Custom Checkbox field bug fixed.

5.1.1 Custom file upload field management updated.

5.1.0 CAPTCHA security added for WordPress default registration form.

5.0.4 loopback related bug fixed.

5.0.3 Message display updated.

5.0.2 Plugin settings save data function updated.

5.0.1 Plugin code updated.

5.0.0 This is a major plugin update. If you are using an older version of the plugin and updating to the 5.0.0 then you have to deactivate and reactivate the plugin. Please also note if you have created custom fields for registration and profile forms then you have to recreate the custom form fields again.

4.5.6 Plugin code fixed.

4.5.5 Plugin bug fixed.

4.5.4 Plugin code updated.

4.5.3 Bug Fixed.

4.5.2 User Registration with Activation Link in Email functionality updated.

4.5.1 Bug fixed.

4.5.0 Plugin settings page updated.

4.4.4 Pattern option added for text fields.

4.4.3 Bug Fixed.

4.4.2 Plugin code updated.

4.4.1 Default registration fields can be sorted by Drag & Drop.

4.4.0 Hooks are added for compatibility.

4.3.4 Plugin validation and improvements in news widget.

4.3.3 CAPTCHA security added in the registration form.

4.3.2 news dashboard widget added.

4.3.1 Field class error fixed.

4.2.7 Confliction with Contact Form With Shortcode PRO issue fixed.

4.2.6 Help text updated in admin panel.

4.2.5 Form structures are updated.

4.2.4 Plugin version controll added.

4.2.3 Translation texts updated.

4.2.2 Custom user profile fields can be sorted by Drag & Drop.

4.2.1 Login widget remember me bug fixed.

4.2.0 Custom File field download link bug fixed.

4.1.0 Plugin License and Agreement added.

4.0.0 Compatible with WP User Subscription

3.0.0 Multilingual supported.

2.2.1 Support for file type field. File type field can be created from settings page.

2.1.1 Field Class related bug fixed.

2.1.0 Forgot password email content management option added.

2.0.0 Login Widget and Reset Password functionality implemented.

1.2.4 admin data validation more secured.

1.2.3 Register Widget settings are added in admin panel, when user is logged in.

1.2.2 Admin menu related bug fixed.

1.1.2 With support for time fields.

1.0.2 With support to add date type fields.

1.0.1 This is the first release.

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