Note: To download older versions just append the version number with the download URL.

2.0.3 Plugin code update and bug fix.

2.0.2 Arabic text related bug fixed. This version is avalilable to download

2.0.1 Now user data can be storted after or before quiz. This version is avalilable to download

2.0.0 Now you can add Quizzes with the plugin. This version is avalilable to download

1.4.0 Plugin license updated. This version is avalilable to download

1.3.9 Updated version of the plugin can be downloaded from plugin settings section. This version is avalilable to download

1.3.8 Plugin code structure updated. Now the plugin will work much faster.

1.3.7 Bug fixed.

1.3.6 Poll SORT option added.

1.3.5 APIs endpoint changed.

1.3.4 Social Share option added.

1.3.3 Pagination class updated.

1.3.2 loopback issue fixed.

1.3.1 Shortcode to display all active polls in a single page.

1.3.0 Plugin code updated with Poll result view update.

1.2.6 Some Bugs are fixed.

1.2.5 Plugin KEY validation issue fixed.

1.2.4 Plugin validation and improvements in news widget.

1.2.3 Some bug fixed.

1.2.2 Plugin version controll added.

1.2.1 Poll edit functionality modified.

1.2.0 Voting poll bar color and height can be managed from plugin settings section.

1.1.0 jQuery datepicker dependencies updated.

1.0.0 This is the first release.

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