Note: To download older versions just append the version number with the download URL.

2.3.5 Time entry is now a text field, Some required design changes, bug fixes.

2.3.4 Upcoming booking widget and Latest booking widget added in the plugin. This version is avalilable to download

2.3.3 Plugin code update and bug fixes. This version is avalilable to download

2.3.2 Plugin license updated. This version is avalilable to download

2.3.1 Booking custom fields error message text update option added and other bugs fixed. This version is avalilable to download

2.3.0 Code structure updated & bug fixed. This version is avalilable to download

2.2.8 Updated version of the plugin can be downloaded from plugin settings section. This version is avalilable to download

2.2.7 Plugin code structure updated. Now the plugin will work much faster.

2.2.6 Plugin file structure updated.

2.2.5 Minor bug fixed.

2.2.4 Minor bug fixed.

2.2.3 APIs endpoint changed.

2.2.2 Custom fields class updated.

2.2.1 Message display updated with Offline Payment option integrated.

2.2.0 Canceled status added. Validation functionality updated.

2.1.5 30 min segregation added in the booking schedule.

2.1.4 This is a major plugin update. This version has Barcode and Print Order feature for booking orders. Now schedule can be created for a specific time. This feature is very important because this feature can be used to create bookings for a task like AC Servicing, Car Servicing Etc.

2.1.3 Booking category added.

2.1.2 Payment Currency update option added in plugin settings and other modifications.

2.1.1 Option to set specific Dates as Non Bookable and bug fixes.

2.1.0 Bug Fixed.

2.0.0 Number of users that can book a specific schedule can be managed from admin panel.

1.1.1 Schedule can be added for a specific DATE.

1.1.0 Booking log table issue fixed.

1.0.2 Plugin validation and improvements in news widget.

1.0.1 This is the first release.

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