2.7.0 Line login added. Function added for backward compatibility.

2.6.7 Option added in plugin settings to disable Nonce validation checking in login form.

2.6.6 Some design elements are updated.

2.6.5 Minor bug fixes.

2.6.4 Plugin code structure updated. This will make the plugin faster.

2.6.3 Option to enter URLs in Forgot Password & Registration links.

2.6.2 Social login with icons functionality updated.

2.6.1 Bug fixed.

2.6.0 Medium and Discord Logins are added.

2.5.9 Dribbble and Twitch Logins are added.

2.5.8 Bug fixed.

2.5.7 Github, Tumblr, Vimeo and Reddit Logins are added.

2.5.6 PHP >= 7.0 compatibility updated.

2.5.5 API Calls are now secured with SSL. If you are using any lower version that 2.5.5 then the APIs may not work properly.

2.5.4 Default plugin styles updated at activation.

2.5.3 More hooks are added for easier customization.

2.5.2 pagination class updated.

2.5.1 loopback related bug fixed.

2.5.0 Error message display updated.

2.4.2 Settings form related bug fixed.

2.4.1 Login form validation and form design updated

2.4.0 login API added.

2.3.3 Major Plugin update. Login log, IP Blocking, Captcha Security and many new features are added.

2.3.2 Plugin code update.

2.3.1 Plugin code update.

2.3.0 Major plugin code update.

2.2.3 Bug Fixed.

2.2.2 WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin compatibility added.

2.2.1 Instagram login added.

2.2.0 Plugin code updated.

2.1.0 WooCommerce plugin compatibility added.

2.0.0 Microsoft login added.

1.0.0 This is the first release.

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