Note: To download older versions just append the version number with the download URL.

5.7.1 Localization updated. This version is avalilable to download

5.7.0 Facebook login and other bug fixes.

5.6.9 Bug fixed. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.8 Option to disable IP tracking and IB blocking using filters. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.7 LinkedIn login issue fixed after linkedin API update. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.6 Admin panel tabs related javascript update. Please remove browser cookies after update. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.5 Plugin settings panel is updated and other fixes. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.4 Plugin code updated for addon support. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.3 Plugin code updated for addon support. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.2 Plugin license updated. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.1 Captcha image width increase and other bug fixes. This version is avalilable to download

5.6.0 It's a major update with lots of changes made in code structure. If you are updating from an older version then some of your settings will be erased, so you have to resave them again. So it's best to note down your API Keys and Secrets before making this update. This version is avalilable to download

5.5.1 Option added in plugin settings to disable Nonce validation checking in login form. This version is avalilable to download

5.5.0 Some design elementes are updated.

5.4.9 Minor bug fixes.

5.4.8 Plugin code structure updated. This will make the plugin faster.

5.4.7 Option to enter URLs in Forgot Password & Registration links.

5.4.6 Social login with icons functionality updated.

5.4.5 Bug fixed.

5.4.4 Bug fixed.

5.4.3 PHP >= 7.0 compatibility updated.

5.4.2 APIs endpoint changed.

5.4.1 Default plugin styles updated at activation.

5.3.9 More hooks are added for easier customization.

5.3.8 pagination class updated.

5.3.7 loopback related bug fixed.

5.3.6 Error message display updated.

5.3.5 Amazon login added. With some required changes.

5.3.4 Settings form related bug fixed.

5.3.3 Login form validation and form design updated.

5.3.2 Plugin code updated.

5.3.1 Option to use Facebook Javascript SDK

5.3.0 Facebook API version updated to V2.8

5.2.6 Bug fixed.

5.2.5 Instagram login added.

5.2.4 Support added for AP Email Template Add-on with bug fixes.

5.2.3 Content Restriction Add-on updated.

5.2.2 Option to set Facebook profile image as Avatar.

5.2.1 Google API updated to version 1.1.5.

5.2.0 Option to Customized login error messages.

5.1.2 IPs can be blocked permanently ( Hard Blocked ).

5.1.1 Some bug fixes.

5.0.4 Hooks are added for compatibility.

5.0.3 Captcha Security added for Admin panel and Front end logins.

5.0.2 Plugin validation and news widget updated.

5.0.1 Settings save message added in admin panel.

5.0.0 This is a major update. Twitter Login process is improved.

4.1.1 News widget caching bug fixed.

4.1.0 Form email address added in the forgot password email. This will make sure that the email does not go to spam folder.

4.0.0 Login form structure updated, Now with fully responsive login form. Make sure to reload default plugin styles from plugin settings section.

3.4.3 LinkedIn Login API updated.

3.4.2 Form structures modified.

3.4.1 Version checking API added.

3.4.0 Language selection bug fixed for Facebook Comments Add On.

3.3.2 Forgot Password page notice message issue fixed.

3.3.1 Welcome text "Howdy" can be changed from plugin settings section.

3.2.4 After login redirection is modified so that users stays on the same page if no redirect page is selected in the plugin settings section.

3.2.3 Login widget remember me bug fixed.

3.2.2 Plugin License and Agreement added.

3.2.1 Forgot password email body backslash bug fixed.

3.1.1 Use social login features without the login form in your theme using function. Content restriction addon bug fixed.

3.1.0 Reset password success message css and close button bug fixed.

3.0.0 Forgot password functionality added. Use [forgot_password] shortcode to display forgot password form in post or page.

2.3.0 Login / Logout redirect settings added. Admin data validation more secured

2.2.6 Confliction issue with Facebook Login Widget solved.

2.2.5 Google login redirection bug fixed.

2.2.4 Error message text and language modified.

2.2.3 Remember me checkbox is added for default wordpress login.

2.2.2 Admin menu related bug fixed.

2.1.2 Settings page styling in admin panel is updated.

2.1.1 Localization is added.

2.0.1 With support for login using linked in.

1.2.3 With option to add styles from admin panel.

1.2.1 With content restriction addon.

1.0.2 Updated with some bug fixes.

1.0.1 First release.

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