Note: To download older versions just append the version number with the download URL.

4.2.4 Bug fixed.

4.2.3 Bug fixed.This version is avalilable to download

4.2.2 Field name bug fixed for contact data store view. This version is avalilable to download

4.2.1 Plugin license updated. This version is avalilable to download

4.2.0 Bug fixed after version 4.1.3 update. This version is avalilable to download

4.1.3 Updated version of the plugin can be downloaded from plugin settings section.

4.1.2 Plugin code structure updated. Now the plugin will work much faster.

4.1.1 Plugin file structure updated.

4.1.0 Bug fixed & new features are added.

4.0.5 APIs endpoint changed.

4.0.4 Custom field class updated.

4.0.3 Pagination class updated.

4.0.2 Message display updated. Contact data store bug fixed.

4.0.1 Customizable success message. Plugin Dashboard updated.

4.0.0 Query management module added.

3.1.2 Bug fixed

3.1.1 Compatibility added with WP Register Profile With Shortcode

3.1.0 Contact Form With Shortcode DB merged with Contact Form With Shortcode PRO

3.0.0 SMTP option added.

2.2.3 Plugin validation and improvements in news widget.

2.2.2 new feed dashboard added. Form structure is updated.

2.1.2 Confliction with WP Register Profile PRO fixed.

2.1.1 Version Controll and Support for Contact Form With Shortcode DB

2.1.0 Contact form fields can be sorted by Drag & Drop.

2.0.0 Plugin License and Agreement added.

1.2.2 AJAX driven newsletter subscription form added.

1.2.1 Subscription mail body updated.

1.1.1 AJAX driven contact form added.

1.0.1 This is the first release.

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