Social Login No Setup
Social Login No Setup

This is a Social Login plugin. It supports login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Instagram accounts. It also support default WordPress user login. The most important feature of this plugin is that it requires NO SETUP. No need to create any APPs, APIs, Client Ids, Client Secrets or anything. This Plugin is a subscription based plugin. Subscription price is USD 1.00 / Month. This plugin now comes with FREE Content Restrict Add-on.

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If you need support please Email me at demoforafo@gmail.com This plugin is tested upto WordPress (Version 4.7.2)

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As the name says there is NO SETUP needed for this plugin to work. All the processes and setups ( Creating APPs, APIs, Client Ids, Client Secrets ) required are managed by aviplugins.com. Users of your site will start logging in with social accounts in no time. Just install the plugin and you are good to go. The plugin uses RESTful APIs of aviplugins.com to let users login using social sites. Users will be redirect back to your site after successful login.

This plugin is a Subscription based plugin. Each subscription will work for a single site only. You need to renew subscription each month to continue using this plugin. Subscription price is USD 1. 00 / Month

Shortcodes & Features

Use this [social_login title="Login"] shortcode in your post or page to display the login form ( "title" is optional ).

Use this [forgot_password title="Forgot Password?"] shortcode in your post or page to display forgot password form ( "title" is optional ).

Users can be redirected to a specific page after successfull login. This after login redirection page can be selected form plugin settings section. If no page is selected then users will stay on the same page.

Plugin is compatible with WooCommerce. Social Login Icons will appear at the bottom of the WooCommerce login form.

This plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite Installation and can be used with WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin.


Content Restrict Add-on ( FREE )

This plugin now comes with this FREE Addon. Restrict selected content of wordpress pages, posts, custom post types from visitors. Full page contents or partial contents can be restricted. Only logged in users are able to view the content.

Content Restrict Addon Details

Multilingual Note *

Social Login No Setup is a multilingual plugin. To use this plugin in your native language you have to translate the plugin text in your language. Please click here for a sample flp-da_DK.po Danish language file. Once the translation is done please mail the translated file to demoforafo@gmail.com and we will convert that file and mail you back with the translated .MO file, which you have to put in the languages directory inside the plugin.

License and Agreement

Please read the plugin license

Get Support Within 12 Hours
Please Contact demoforafo@gmail.com or Create a Support Ticket
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