WP Ecommerce Wishlist

This is a extension of WP eCommerce plugin. This plugin will allow you to implement Add to Wishlist functionality for your products. There is actually no need to modify any codes in WP eCommerce plugin. WP Eecommerce Wishlist will automatically implement the Wishlist functionality.

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Current Plugin (Version 2.1.6)

This plugin is tested upto WordPress (Version 5.1.1) PayPal Acceptance Mark

With Shortcode Support

Use this [wishlist view="list"] shortcode for My Wishlist page, Here products added to wishlist will be displayed. ( There are two views available 1. list 2. grid )

Or else you can use this function <?php add_to_wishlist();?> in your products page to put the "Add to Wishlist" link. This way you will be able to display the link at any place you like.

You just have to remember if you want to use this function outside the loop you have to pass the product ID as the parameter. Otherwise leave the parameter field blank.

Example: <?php add_to_wishlist(1);?> here 1 is product ID


There is actually no setup is needed. You just have to enable the automated feature in the settings page of the plugin.


Note *

This is plugin is an extension of WP eCommerce plugin. You must Install WP eCommerce Plugin otherwise this plugin will not work.

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