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This is a Social Comments Plugin. This plugin replaces the default Wordpress Comments system and integrate Facebook or Disqus or Google+ Comment System in the site.


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All updates & support available for 1 year. Current Plugin (Version 3.0.3)

This plugin is tested upto WordPress (Version 5.5.3) PayPal Acceptance Mark

With Shortcode Support

Use this [social_comments title="Login"] shortcode in your post or pages if you don't want to use the automatic replace function of the plugin. ( "title" is optional ).


The setup of WP Custom Comments plugin is simple. You can use the automatic feature or shortcode or functions to use this plugin.


Facebook Comments View

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Disqus Comments View

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Google+ Comments View

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Plugin Settings

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This plugin can automatically replace default WordPress comments. For that your theme must use comments_template() function, Otherwise you can use <?php social_comments("Comments");?> in your theme template to display the Facebook Comments. Comments can be globally turn on or off for post or pages.

Plugin Key

Plugin Key

Each plugin comes with an unique key. This key ensures that your plugin has a valid license. Plugin key can be used to get informations about the latest version available to download. Key has to be entered in the plugin settings section.

Disqus Comments Setup

The setup needed to implement disqus comments is simple. Please follow the instructions by clicking the details button.


Note *

This is an Addon plugin. Installing this plugin only will not work. You must Install at least one of these two plugins listed below.
1. Login Widget With Shortcode
2. Facebook Login Widget (PRO)
Otherwise the plugin will not work.

License and Agreement

Please read the plugin license

Get support within 12 hours
Please create a support ticket or E-mail at info@aviplugins.com
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