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This is a videos gallery plugin for WordPress. The videos are not YouTube or Vimeo videos which you embed in the site.

The plugin is for those who don't wants to upload videos on their YouTube or Vimeo channel. Videos needs to be uploaded as MP4 files. Videos can be uploaded as Private so that visitors can't download it. This plugin can allow only specific users Roles to be able to download it.

So this plugin can be used to create a video site without the restrictions of YouTube / Vimeo policies.


Payment Currency

Plugin download link will be sent here

Phone number required for INR payment

If you need support please Email us at

All updates & support available for 1 year. Current Plugin (Version 1.0.3)

This plugin is tested upto WordPress (Version 5.5.3) PayPal Acceptance Mark


Public & Private 2 type of videos can be uploaded.

Video files can be uploaded with FTP client such as FileZilla and then map it to the video. This way it becomes easier to upload bigger video files.

Compatible with WordPress Multisite Installation.

Video search widget is available.

Video Categories & Video Tags Widgets are available.

Multiple sample images can be uploaded which will rotate on mouse over.

Plugin is multilingual & compatible with WPML plugin.

Admin Panel (Setup & Usage)

This section describes how admin can setup and use this plugin from admin panel. The setup of this plugin is simple.


Settings View 1

Settings Panel 1

Manage general settings.

Settings View 2

Settings Panel 1

Restrict specific user role from downloading Private Videos.

Video Upload Section

Video Upload

Video Categories


Create categories for videos. Map videos into related categories.

Plugin Key

Plugin Key

Each plugin comes with an unique key. This key ensures that your plugin has a valid license. Plugin key can be used to get informations about the latest version available to download. Key has to be entered in the plugin settings section.

Frontend Usage

This section describes the usage of this plugin from frontend.


Multilingual Note *

Videos PRO is a multilingual plugin. To use this plugin in your native language you have to translate the plugin text in your language. Please click here for a sample videos-da_DK.po Danish language file. Once the translation is done please mail the translated file to and we will convert that file and mail you back with the translated .MO file, which you have to put in the languages directory inside the plugin.

License and Agreement

Please read the plugin license

Get support within 12 hours
Please create a support ticket or E-mail at
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