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This plugin is the PRO version of Recent Tweet Widget AFO. Twitter feeds can be displayed using Widgets, Shortcodes and Functions. Multiple twitter feed widgets can be added from multiple twitter accounts. The look of the twitter feeds can be customized from plugin settings section, That includes changing background color, text color, text hover color, text styles etc..

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Current Plugin (Version 1.1.1)

This plugin is tested upto WordPress (Version 4.9.4) PayPal Acceptance Mark

Shortcodes And Widgets

Use this [twitter_pro username="demouser" no="10" title="Recent Tweets"] shortcode in your page to display recent tweets. Here username is required. The twitter feeds will be displayed of this specific user. In this case the twitter username is demouser. no is for, how many tweets you want to display. This field is optional. If no is blank then 5 tweets will be displayed by default. title can be used as heading. ( "username" is required, "no" is optional, "title" is optional ).

Use of Function

Using this function in your template file twitter_pro($username,$no,$title); twitter feeds can be displayed.

Example: <?php if (function_exists('twitter_pro')) { twitter_pro("demouser",10,"Recent Tweets");} ?>

The first parameter is the Twitter username. The twitter feeds will be fetched from this account so this parameter is required. The second parameter is for number of tweets that you want to be displayed. This parameter is optional , default is 5. The Third parameter is for the heading. This parameter is optional.

Twitter API Setup

This Twitter feed plugin is compatible with latest Twitter API V1.1. This plugin requires Twitter APP API Credentials to get twitter feeds. The steps to get the API keys are easy. A details explanation of how to create your twitter Application API and how to get required keys to get your twitter feed working are provided below. Plase follow the instructions carefully.


Usage and Settings

Once you have your Twitter API keys it's time to put them in the plugin. Please check below for setup and usage details.

Twitter API Keys

view 1

Go to Settings -> Tweet Widget Settings and enter the credentials.

Twitter Widget

view 10

Now go to Appearance -> Widgets find the widget named Tweet Widget PRO. Use Drag & Drop to place the widget to your desired sidebar area. Put the Twitter Username from where you want to show twitter feeds. Multiple widgets with different Twitter feeds from different Twitter Usernames can be added.

view 10

Twitter feed view of frontend.

Twitter Feed Styles

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Customize the look of your twitter feed. Change Background color, Link color, Link Hover color etc. This will help you to match the twitter feed look with your template styles.
Plugin Key

Plugin Key

Each plugin comes with an unique key. This key ensures that your plugin has a valid license. Plugin key can be used to get informations about the latest version available to download. Key has to be entered in the plugin settings section.

Multilingual Note *

Twitter Feed PRO is a multilingual plugin. To use this plugin in your native language you have to translate the plugin text in your language. Please click here for a sample rtw-da_DK.po Danish language file. Once the translation is done please mail the translated file to and we will convert that file and mail you back with the translated .MO file, which you have to put in the languages directory inside the plugin.

License and Agreement

Please read the plugin license

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