2.1.0 sf_raw_feed_data(1) function added to get raw feed data. This can be used to display feeds as per design requirements with endless options.

2.0.9 Admin panel design strucure updated. Latest version of the plugin and plugin patch can be downloaded from plugin settings section.

2.0.8 Plugin code structure updated. Now the plugin will work much faster.

2.0.7 Pinterest and LinkedIn feeds are added.

2.0.6 Plugin file structure updated.

2.0.5 Image not found bug fixed.

2.0.4 Plugin code updated. Feed display updated.

2.0.3 APIs endpoint changed.

2.0.2 Message display updated.

2.0.1 Plugin code and Feed API updated so that Instagram Feed works after Instagram API update.

2.0.0 Feed API updated.

1.1.0 Twitter feed issue fixed and plugin code updated.

1.0.1 Social feed widget design updated. Individual image loader added.

1.0.0 This is the first release.

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