Social Feeds PRO

Display social feed in a different way. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Reddit, Pinterest feeds can be displayed with this plugin. The best part about the plugin is you won't have to create separate APPs/API Secrets/API Keys for this plugin. Just enter your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest IDs and the plugin will do the rest.


Payment Currency

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If you need support please Email us at [email protected]

All updates & support available for 1 year. Current Plugin (Version 3.0.0)

This plugin is tested upto WordPress (Version 5.5.3) PayPal Acceptance Mark

Setup and Usage

There is actually not much to setup for this plugin. A detailed explanation of how the plugin works and what can be done by this plugin are given below.


1. Enter the Key that is provided with the plugin


This will register your website with and you will be able to generate Social Feeds for your site.

2. Enter your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Flickr IDs and generate feeds

number of feeds

feed settings

Generated feeds can be displayed in your page using Shortcodes. Shortcode to display your feed no 1 is [socialfeed file="1"]. You can create multiple feeds like this. Just change the file number to display the proper feed.

Twitter Feed Style Settings for Widget Type 2

Settings for Widget 2

Social Feeds Display

feed display 1

Feeds can be Filtered. Mouseover a feed image to view the Feed Message.

Shortcode [socialfeed file="1" char_length="150" height="212px"]

Social Feeds Display Masonry

feed display 2 (masonry)

Shortcode [socialfeed_masonry file="1" no_of_feeds="10"]

Social Feeds Scroll

feed display 3 (scroll)

Shortcode [socialfeed_scroll file="1"]

Social Feeds Scroll Type 2

feed display 4 (scroll type 2)

Shortcode [socialfeed_type2_scroll file="1"]

Social Feeds Widget

feed widget

Social Feeds Widget Settings

widget settings

Twitter Widget Type 2 Settings

widget settings 2

Twitter Widget / Shortcode Type 2 Display

twitter widget

Shortcode [twitterfeed file="1" no_of_feeds="5" char_length="150"]

Owl Slider

Owl Slider

Shortcode [socialfeed_owl file="1" per_page="3"]

Get Raw Feed Data in JSON Format

With the help of raw data the feeds display options are endless. You can style it according to your theme, can use any jQuery slider to display the feeds that suits your needs.

$data = sf_raw_feed_data(1);
if( $data['error'] == false ){
$feeds = json_decode( $data['msg'], true );
echo '<pre>';

Multilingual Note *

Social Feeds PRO is a multilingual plugin. To use this plugin in your native language you have to translate the plugin text in your language. Please click here for a sample social-feed-shortcode-da_DK.po Danish language file. Once the translation is done please mail the translated file to [email protected] and we will convert that file and mail you back with the translated .MO file, which you have to put in the languages directory inside the plugin.

License and Agreement

Please read the plugin license